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National Forestry Day

On 20 March 2018 Nicole Jacobsen (WDNR) and Bart Lawrence (NRCS) shared an idea to create a National Forestry Day.

On 25 May 2018 our NWFSC team submitted a proposal to register 30 March 2019 as the first U.S. National Forestry Day.

Justification submitted for the nomination of March 30th as a U.S. National Forestry Day:

  • “The first National Forest was established as the Yellowstone Park Timber and Land Reserve on March 30, 1891, then in the Department of the Interior.”  Source: USFS forest history factoids

  • International Forestry Day is on March 21.  

  • There is a US #NationalAGDay. On this day the nation pauses to celebrate the many farmers and ranchers working hard to grow the food, fuel and fiber that sustain each and every one of us.

  • NOTE: ARBOR DAY is about urban trees and settings. Arbor Day is celebrated on different dates across the 50 States and US Territories.

  • We of the NW Forest Soils Council feel strongly that the nation should have a #NationalForestryDay. 

  • We propose 30 March, beginning in 2019, to hence forth be designated as National Forestry Day in the United States of America. 

Next Steps:


Nicole is working on drafting a factsheet.

It will live here when done.

Letter of Support

Need to draft a short and sweet letter of support

to be inserted on other organizations' letterhead
or into "Contact Us" forms and email text.

Distribute Info to Relevant Organizations

  • US Congressional Reps

  • US Federal Agency Leadership​

  • Relevant State Agencies​ (eventually link to separate page)

  • ​Relevant NGOs​ (eventually link to separate page)

Social Media Campaign

Plan and implement a National Forestry Day social media campaign.

  • Suggested Hash Tags:

    • #NationalForestryDay2019

    • #30March2019-NationalForestryDay

    • #YES!-NationalForestryDay

  • Promote with current/new NWFSC FB and Twitter friends and feeds to build interest and support

Media Event

Plan and schedule a future media event.  Possibly at upcoming conferences:

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Other Info:

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