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2019 Winter Meeting

The Northwest Forest Soils Council 2019 winter meeting was held in Lincoln City, Oregon on March 21st and 22nd.  

In lieu of a distinct theme, we chose to solicit abstract submissions from the NWFSC membership to highlight YOUR most recent and/or most interesting projects!   





Jack Diedrich
Raster Mapping of Soil Properties
Scott Holub
Harvesting Effects on Soil Carbon
David Myrold
Harvesting Effects on Soil Microbial Communities
Nicole Jacobsen
Remote Sensing in Forest Management
Maurice Major
Soils and Archaeology
Allison Harvey
Mapping Soil Moisture Regimes
Scott Holub
OM Removal & Compaction Impacts
Preston Green
Cable-Assisted Harvester-Forwarder Thinning
Nicole Jacobsen
NRCS Field Tour Story Map
Jeff Hatten
OR Forest Soils Conference Bid
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